Using a Kill-A-Watt to Make Ice Cream

Ice Cream Kill a WattThe Kill-A-Watt meter isn’t just great for finding what devices in your house use the most energy, it’s also great for making ice cream! How, you ask? Well it’s always a pain to take the top off and check to see how the icecream is doing. With this meter you can know exactly how close your homemade icecream is to done. The logic that makes it possible is that the harder it is to turn the motor the more wattage the motor uses. So the thicker the icecream the higher the wattage. It probably differs by icecream maker (and the size of your batch) but in our case we know the icecream is done when the kill-a-watt meter gets to 58 or 60 watts. Some libraries offer the devices for checkout or you can pick up your own for around $20. You can actually recoup the cost of the meter within a year. If you use the energy cost calculator you can find exactly how much you’re saving.

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