Solar Panel Built into Leaf Spoiler

solar panel in leaf spoilerIdeally electric cars would be solar powered. The Nissan Leaf has a solar panel built into the spoiler, but the specs aren’t mentioned. Why? Because sometimes, like in this case it’s better marketing to not mention the specs at all. Of all the costs of an electric car the most obvious is energy costs, and I have no doubt that the panel will provide more energy, but if we’re to be hones a solar panel the size of a spoiler couldn’t produce more energy than perhaps 50 watts to be very generous peak- enough to run the stereo at a mild volume.

So what the solar panel on the solar panel in Nissan leaf amounts too is nothing more than a gimmick that may sucker a few overzealous buyers, but the panel will never power anything more than your radio.

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  1. Panel could be used as a tool to keep cabin cool by running auxiliary fan. Also could keep the charge going into the batteries while sitting long term away from a electrical source, like those big parking lots pictured in this story. 50 watts is not much but its still 50 positive watts.

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