PD30 vs PD32

The Fenix PD30 is a fantastic flashlight, but that didn’t keep me from buying the PD32. Here’s why I felt it was worth it:

pd30 vs pd32

  1. Lowest setting lasts more than 2 times longer than the PD30.
  2. Turbo mode is 43% brighter while lasting 33% longer.
  3. PD30 accepts a single lithium battery.
  4. Other than low all levels are brighter and longer lasting.
  5. Side button and level memory is nice.

I would probably also rank those pros in that exact order. It’s nice to know your small little flashlight will put out so much light for such a long time.

Lithium batteries are nice to use as I use my torches on a daily basis and it would get costly to use non rechargeable lithium batteries. I went with Orbitronic batteries. There are quite a few cheap lithium batteries that you could buy for these torches but after reading a few reviews it’s clear that it’s well worth the money to get a safer longer lasting battery.

Some other small things I noticed was that the PD 32 is clearly larger than the PD 30. It’s not a big deal, just bigger. It’s probably made with more metal in order to dissipate heat more effectively. The only change that wasn’t welcome was a larger on off switch that makes it impossible to put the PD 32 on a counter top and have it rest on it’s back side.



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