It’s tough to call what the people at MYSOLARBACKUP do ethical. In fact I’d call it a ripoff and I’m surprised to see their spots on GBTV where Glenn Beck often makes stands on how he only chooses sponsors that provide value to his listeners. In this case it’s a sponsor with an “F” rating.  Here are a few things the people at MYSOLARBACKUP are doing to push their ripoff solar panels:

Dishonest Review Blogs

Google Solar Backup Scam

When you go looking for reviews you expect to find unbiased reviews. Just like MYSOLARBACKUP tries to take advantage of buyers unfamiliar with solar power they also take advantage of people unfamiliar with the internet. If you take a good look at what you think are unbiased review websites they’re in fact just a selling tool of MYSOLARBACKUP or the solutions from science people.

I was checking out one of the “review websites” that had targeted the keyword “MySolarBackup scam“. You can tell they’re targeting that phrase because of how they bold those words and work it into the first sentience.  Of course solutions from science targets this keyword because they know some potential clients will suspect that with their high prices that MySolarBackup IS a scam. If you think that the review site is legit you can try using your back button. MYSOLARBACKUP actually is bold enough to then say, Wait don’t go… we’ll give you this special deal.

Inflating customer expectations and Inflating prices

Rip Off Quote

The second thing that is flat out dishonest that MySolarBackup does is inflating customer expectations like by showing them quotes like  “No more worrying about electricity bills”. This type of dishonest marketing really gets me upset because it gives solar power a bad name. To get to the point where you don’t need to worry about electricity bills you’d need enough solar panels to power everything in your home, changes are everything in your home uses more than 90 watts. As I’ve already covered, the costs of MySolarBackup are terribly inflated. So not only will it do less than their customers expect, but they sell it at at least twice as much as what would be a “fair deal”.

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  1. MySolarBackup is such a ripoff that we offer a trade in on it against purchases of our systems. We also offer a conversion kit for both of their systems, which enables that system to accept as large a battery bank as you care to build, and as many solar panels as you care to put on it. We can’t do anything about the 1440 watt output (the 1800-watt number is a barefaced lie), but we can make them last longer and recharge faster.

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