My Solar Backup Scam

It’s important that you educate yourself about solar backup’s before you spend money on a solar backup system. Many people have called My Solar Backup a Scam. A solar backup system is pretty simple. It is comprised of a Panel (charger) Batteries (storage) and an inverter to take the 12 or 24 volt DC energy that’s stored and turn it into 120V AC that you typically use in your home. The cost of these three components is not very high. When comparing the components from a normal online retailer like Amazon you’ve got to come to the conclusion that providers like my solar backup are just running a scam that takes advantage of uneducated consumers that are influenced by fear.

There is good reason to be prepared. Disasters do happen, but the fact is with companies like solutions from science out there it’s not true that the more money you spend results in you being more prepared. So when searching for a solar backup system realize that you can save yourself a whole lot of money by buying the individual components. And be aware that there are companies out their looking to scam you to get Rich while making a so-so product.

2 Responses to “My Solar Backup Scam”

  1. So they’re charging inflated costs for their system. Is it really that different from what the oil companies do?

  2. I just don’t like how they’re taking advantage of people who aren’t educated about solar power. They’re trying to scam people before they realize there are better options out there. It’s clear that customers aren’t satisfied with their product as they have an F BBB rating When we pay at the pump there are laws against price gouging. Who’s enforcing that against solutions from science as they use fear to sell.

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