Most Powerful LED Flashlight

A few flashlights are running for the title of Most Powerful LED Flashlight. The Olight SST-90 at 30 Watts and 2,200 lumens makes a good case for it’s self.

sr90 torch

The torch throws light over 1000 meters, an incredible feat for an led powered flashlight. The new TK75 could be the brightest LED Flashlight as it gives off 2,600 lumens of light. The throw is not quite as far at about 600 meters.

Fenix tk75

When you consider what flashlight is the most powerful you have to look at a few things:

  • Throw The distance at which the light can still light up objects.
  • Intensity Measurement of brightness at a specific point.
  • Lumens Overall brightness. Takes into consideration all the light put out by the flashlight.

Coming in behind the Olight SST-90, one of the most powerful LED flashlight is the Coast LED lenser x21 at 1086 lumens. That’s more light than your headlight puts out. More than the light output, what makes this light incredible is the amount of energy it consumes. It runs on 4 D cells using 7 LED’s and 15.5 watts at the highest output. Combine them with some 10 Ah batteries and you’ll be getting run times of 3 and a half hours! If you need it for longer you can turn down the intensity and it will last almost 300 hours! At that rate you wont have much use for spare batteries.

Powerful flashlight at the best value?

tk45 Powerful Flashlight I think you’re paying a few extra dollars to have the most powerful flashlight or “brightest hand held flashlight available”. A super bright flashlight at a fraction of the cost is the fenix TK45 or the more popular tk 35. These LED flashlights produces 760 lumens and 860 lumens respectively  for only around $100.

Small Powerful and Cheap?

If you’re looking for a small flashlight that will outperform most MAG lites and under $40 the Fenix LD01 is probably what you’re looking for.

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