How Much Power Does a House Use?

Energy HouseMost of the energy you consume is done in the home or by transportation. So how much power does your house use? There’s a meter for that! And every home on the grid has one. The energy usage is measured in kilowatt hours. Chances are you already know that as you pay for every single one of those kilowatt hours! So have you ever been curious where each one of those kilowatt hours comes from?

What Uses the most power in my home?

Heating and cooling uses the most power in a home. First the heating and cooling of the air in your home and then the heating of the water in your home. It’s hard to track the energy used by an air conditioner or electric water heater as installing a meter would have to be done by a professional.

How to Find How Much Power Everything Else in My Home Uses?

You can, however, keep track of how much energy everything you plug in uses with a kill a watt meter. You can then keep track of the costs using our convenient power cost meter.

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