How Much Energy does my Fridge Use?

Energy Fridge UseEach fridge is different depending on the size and efficiency. I’ve got a 13 cubic foot or so manufactured around 2007. It uses almost 880 watts when you first plug it in, but it only pulls at that level for 10 seconds or so. Fridge WattsSo an inverter rated at 800 RMS and 1600 Watts peak should be able to handle it easily.

Some other interesting stats I noticed while testing the fridge was that when fridge door was open the usage would jump to 100 watts. Probably just the lights coming on inside. The Compressor would also pull the total usage above 100 watts.

When the fridge finished setting up and the compressor stopped running the fridge only consumed 30 Watts.  About half of a normal incandescent light bulb.

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