How Much Energy Does a Macbook Pro Use?

How Much energy does a Macbook Pro Use?Although the adapters that come with Macbook Pros are rated for 85 Watts they rarely use that much energy. A Macbook pro browsing the web typically uses about 40 Watts. You should know that how much energy your computer uses depends a lot on what you’re doing or not doing. For example if I put my Macbook to sleep the power consumption rises to 42 watts for about 10 seconds as it prepares to go to sleep then the power usage is only 1 watt while the Macbook sleeps.

What uses energy on my Macbook?

A couple watts for your LED backlit display few more for ports if you’re iPod’s plugged in or your using an external drive, little bit more to keep your hard disk spinning. What really uses the most energy and creates the most heat on your Macbook is the processor. And the amount of energy it uses depends on how much work it’s doing. So just surfing the web, using an external monitor and external drive I sit at about 35 watts (not including the power the external monitor uses). If I put in a movie to rip for my ipod the processor starts working, my fan turns up and I’m at 60 watts.

It’s nice to know what’s you do on your computer to use the most amount of energy. Just like everything else you do in your house, once you know what’s using energy unnecessarily you can start saving.  It’s also important to know that not all computer are created equally. The computer I ran these tests on is an ’08 Macbook pro. If I was to sit and browse the web on my iPad it’s more around 10 watts of energy. If you’d like to know how much a specific computer or device cost you can always buy me one and I’ll test it for you. Or, a cheaper solution, you can always purchase a Kill-A-Watt device on your own! I’d love to hear your findings!

New IS better!

Newer Macbook pros actually consume quite a bit less power. The 2011 Macbook Pros can idle as low as 6 watts. Apple dedicated quite a bit of effort to create some of the greenest machines out there while still maintaining a great user experience with all their macbook models.

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