Green Slim Projector Review

Green Slim ProjectorWe’ve really enjoyed having the green slim projector. Our specific model was the 235 that we bought from new egg and we were surprised to find that it also came with the wireless adapter. The adapter wasn’t much help to us as we use macs and you have to install the pc software for it to work.

The main selling point for us was that the green slim projector doesn’t use a bulb, but uses an LED laser hybrid light source rated at 20,000 hours. We bought the pk-10 a few years back and it only had an output of 10 lumens. It’s refreshing to have the output of 2,000 lumens.

With the high output came the surprise of high amounts of heat. The laser must push the majority of the light. The fan can be annoying if the movie was silent but we typically don’t have a hard time covering up the noise.

The zoom and auto keystone adjustment have been helpful features. All in all we’ve been vey happy with it.

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