Commuting to work on Solar Power

For the last few weeks I’ve been driving an electric scooter to work. I’ve got a small solar system that creates 100 watt hours of energy each day. Since my commute isn’t very long (about 3 miles) I figured I’d see if I could commute to & from work with just solar energy pushing me. The result? With the help of the watt’s up meter I was able to see exactly how much energy would be required:

The 3 mile trip took 2.25 AH or 95 Watt hours of energy- Just about everything my solar panels generated within a day. So with my current setup commuting to work on solar power isn’t 100% feasible but more like 50% feasible on pure solar power. It works well for me however, because I plug into the wall at work giving allowing me to charge at home using 100% solar power only having only one 50 watt solar panel.

There’s quite a bit to take into consideration when looking at how much energy is use commuting to work on solar power. Your speed has a lot to do with it. Just like any other vehicle, the more you push the limits of your vehicle the more inefficient it becomes.

Here’s a bit of what I learned from my first couple of weeks commuting to work on solar power:

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