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TK75 Review

Everything you could need to know about the Fenix TK75   Power / Design The first thing people notice about the TK75 is the 2,600 lumen rating. As you can see above: compared to 18 lumens, 2600 lumens is quite a contrast. In such a compact package it’s quite impressive. This is done using Cree […]

PD30 vs PD32

The Fenix PD30 is a fantastic flashlight, but that didn’t keep me from buying the PD32. Here’s why I felt it was worth it: Lowest setting lasts more than 2 times longer than the PD30. Turbo mode is 43% brighter while lasting 33% longer. PD30 accepts a single lithium battery. Other than low all levels […]

How much Power does an Apple TV use?

While the Apple TV is not sleeping (the light is on) it uses 1.8 watts. If the device is sleeping it uses .8 watts. This power requirement is because the device is still connected to WiFi and allowing all iOS devices on the network to know that it is available for playing back content. As […]

Watts Up Review

The watts up meter is intended for use with rc equipment, but with tolerance of 60 volts the watts up meter can work great for small solar systems as well. The “watts up” is essentially a dc version of the popular kill a watt meter.