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TK75 Runtime Tests

Here’s are a few runtime tests so that you can see what you might expect running the TK75 in the real world. All tests were done using Panasonic 3400 cells with Orbtronic¬†protection. Run times estimated by Fenix are using their own 2600 mah cells. The advertised runtimes are as follows: Low: 200h @ 18 lumens […]

TK75 Review

Everything you could need to know about the Fenix TK75   Power / Design The first thing people notice about the TK75 is the 2,600 lumen rating. As you can see above: compared to 18 lumens, 2600 lumens is quite a contrast. In such a compact package it’s quite impressive. This is done using Cree […]

PD30 vs PD32

The Fenix PD30 is a fantastic flashlight, but that didn’t keep me from buying the PD32. Here’s why I felt it was worth it: Lowest setting lasts more than 2 times longer than the PD30. Turbo mode is 43% brighter while lasting 33% longer. PD30 accepts a single lithium battery. Other than low all levels […]

BEST LED Cabinet Lighting

You can pay a lot of money for lighting under your cabinets or above your cabinets. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money and you’re looking for the BEST LED Cabinet Lighting for your money this is what you’ll need to get: LED Light Strips First, you’ll need some LED light strips. […]

Green Slim Projector Review

We’ve really enjoyed having the green slim projector. Our specific model was the 235 that we bought from new egg and we were surprised to find that it also came with the wireless adapter. The adapter wasn’t much help to us as we use macs and you have to install the pc software for it […]

Quick Charging the TK45

The tk45 has been a wonderful flashlight for me it’s all the power you could need in a compact flashlight. The other day I discovered an aspect that made it even more valuable. The biggest pain for me was charging the batteries- pulling out the holder then each of the eight AA’s. I would also […]

Fenix TK45 Review

Chances are you’ve already read the reviews of the Fenix TK45 prototype that came out around May. So in my Fenix TK45 Review I’ll skip what’s already been covered and focus on the final product as I received it in January of 2011. Light Source Producing the light are 3 Cree R5 LEDs the prototypes […]

Most Powerful LED Flashlight

A few flashlights are running for the title of Most Powerful LED Flashlight. The¬†Olight SST-90 at 30 Watts and 2,200 lumens makes a good case for it’s self. The torch throws light over 1000 meters, an incredible feat for an led powered flashlight. The new TK75 could be the brightest LED Flashlight as it gives […]

Are LED’s Worth it on my Christmas Tree?

We’re buying our first Christmas Tree this year and being the nerd that I am LED lights seem rather attractive. Not just because it’s a new technology, but also because it costs less to run them and that will satisfy the conservation nazi within. So as we looked at different trees and noticed that the […]