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Go Green: Buy an iPad

Desktop’s and Laptops use anywhere from 40 watts to 110 watts while ultrabooks like the macbook air use even less while idling and an iPad only uses around 8 watts while surfing the web, check it out:    

How Much Power Does an iMac Use?

When powered off the 22″ dual core i5 iMac still uses 1.1 watts every other second. At startup you use 110 watts. About 40 watts sleeping & 80 just chilling with some windows open. A lot of the power is used to keep the 22″ screen nice and bright but the majority of the power […]

How much Power does an Apple TV use?

While the Apple TV is not sleeping (the light is on) it uses 1.8 watts. If the device is sleeping it uses .8 watts. This power requirement is because the device is still connected to WiFi and allowing all iOS devices on the network to know that it is available for playing back content. As […]

How Much Power Does a House Use?

Most of the energy you consume is done in the home or by transportation. So how much power does your house use? There’s a meter for that! And every home on the grid has one. The energy usage is measured in kilowatt hours. Chances are you already know that as you pay for every single […]

How Much Power Does a Laptop Use?

The cheap answer for how much power a laptop uses is, “It depends on the laptop”. In general you can expect a laptop to use quite a bit less energy than a desktop. The processors in laptops are clocked down to use less energy to ensure longer battery life.

Using a Kill-A-Watt to Make Ice Cream

The Kill-A-Watt meter isn’t just great for finding what devices in your house use the most energy, it’s also great for making ice cream! How, you ask? Well it’s always a pain to take the top off and check to see how the icecream is doing. With this meter you can know exactly how close […]

How Much Power Does an iPad Use?

Awhile back I asked myself, “How much power does an iPad use? What uses the most power on it?”. I hooked a What’s Up meter and ran some tests to see:

Commuting to work on Solar Power

For the last few weeks I’ve been driving an electric scooter to work. I’ve got a small solar system that creates 100 watt hours of energy each day. Since my commute isn’t very long (about 3 miles) I figured I’d see if I could commute to & from work with just solar energy pushing me. […]

How Much Energy Does a Macbook Pro Use?

Although the adapters that come with Macbook Pros are rated for 85 Watts they rarely use that much energy. A Macbook pro browsing the web typically uses about 40 Watts. You should know that how much energy your computer uses depends a lot on what you’re doing or not doing. For example if I put […]

Watts Up Review

The watts up meter is intended for use with rc equipment, but with tolerance of 60 volts the watts up meter can work great for small solar systems as well. The “watts up” is essentially a dc version of the popular kill a watt meter.