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It’s tough to call what the people at MYSOLARBACKUP do ethical. In fact I’d call it a ripoff and I’m surprised to see their spots on GBTV where Glenn Beck often makes stands on how he only chooses sponsors that provide value to his listeners. In this case it’s a sponsor with an “F” rating.  […]

My Solar Backup Scam

It’s important that you educate yourself about solar backup’s before you spend money on a solar backup system. Many people have called My Solar Backup a Scam. A solar backup system is pretty simple. It is comprised of a Panel (charger) Batteries (storage) and an inverter to take the 12 or 24 volt DC energy […]

My Solar Backup Review

Being a solar enthusiast or general electronic nerd, I was intrigued by the ads for solar backups. Specifically the solar backup system from “Solutions from Science” drew my interest. I thought it was a nice clean system but was very surprised when I got to the price. A scam is probably a pretty strong word, […]

Choosing an Inverter

When choosing an Inverter you need to consider how much wattage you’re going to be drawing and what the most wattage you’ll need to draw at any instant might be. You’ll also have to think about how sensitive the electronics are that you’ll be using with your inverter. Choosing an Inverter is then pretty easy, […]