BEST LED Cabinet Lighting

You can pay a lot of money for lighting under your cabinets or above your cabinets. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money and you’re looking for the BEST LED Cabinet Lighting for your money this is what you’ll need to get:

LED Light Strips

First, you’ll need some LED light strips. These aren’t the most efficient LED’s on the market but they’re the cheapest and most convenient we’ve found for cabinet lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Power Supply

LEDs operate on direct current, these specifically operate on 12V DC- the same as your automobile. If you remove the 12V power port from this power supply you’ll have a perfect power supply for your cabinet lighting system.


You may want to adjust the brightness of your cabinet lighting system, especially if you can do it for around $5. You can do it with this dimmer.

A few things to keep in mind

Adding the lights are easy. The LED strips have adhesive on one side that allow them to easily stick to your cabinets. One side of the lights has raw wires that can easily attach to your power supply. The other end has an adapter that easily fits onto most plugin 12v power supplies. You may want shorter strips and you can do that by cutting the lights wherever there are 2 solder tabs. When you attach the lights to your cabinet you’ll want to put put them closer to the front of the cabinet, unlike the photo below.

LED Cabinet LightingWith the lights closer to the front of the cabinet you’ll be sure that they won’t be visible from a lower line of sight, like when people are sitting down.

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