Are LED’s Worth it on my Christmas Tree?

Led Christmas TreeWe’re buying our first Christmas Tree this year and being the nerd that I am LED lights seem rather attractive. Not just because it’s a new technology, but also because it costs less to run them and that will satisfy the conservation nazi within.

So as we looked at different trees and noticed that the prelit LED trees cost more than the standard lit trees I started to wounder, “How much will these LED’s really save me on my Christmas tree? Here’s what I found:

Cost to run a standard tree

I learned that each bulb on a standard tree consumes 4 watts. For the small tree we are looking at that’s 600 x 4 or 2400 watts. That’s about the amount of energy it takes to run a couple space heaters.

Cost to run a Tree with LED’s

For the same 4 watts you can actually run a set of 70 LED lights. That means the 700 light tree we were looking at would only consume 40 watts.

So is it Worth it?

Running each tree for a month 3 hours each day the standard tree would consume 216 Kwh and the LED tree would consume only 3.6 Kwh. If you take the rate of energy at 12 cents a Kwh and you’re looking at a cost difference of more than $25. So it would still take a couple years to pay of the difference.  You may also want to take into account that your traditional tree can double as a space heater.

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