Green Power from Solar Panels

If you’re looking to learn how you can run part or all of your home on green, renewable solar energy, you’ve come to the right place. Running your home on Green, renewable solar power is easy if you know what parts you need. The list is short and simple:

solar power system

Solar Panels

Solar PanelThere are a variety of solar panels out there to create your green power. Many people believe that solar power is the best renewable energy because you can count on getting at least some energy each day, even when it’s cloudy out. Wind energy is variable and costly to enter into and can even fail on you when the most wind (potential energy) is available. Solar panels get cheaper and cheaper each year as their performance improves continually much like memory storage technology.

Charge Controller

Solar Charge ControllerA charge controller will regulate power to your system, it will ensure that your panels don’t overcharge your batteries and it will allow the panels to charge them at a safe rate.


Batteries are what will let you cruise over the dark days and heavy power loads. The standard is 12V just like the ones you have in your car. In fact the most popular batteries for storing your alternative energy are deep cycle marine batteries. You’ll have to become familiar with amp hours, as they’re the measurement for how much energy your batteries will store.


The energy for your system is stored in 12 volt DC batteries. Most of the electronics in your house are going to use 120 volt AC current. To make the switch you’ll need an inverter. If you’ve dealt with an inverter before it was probably in your vehicle as often people use small inverters to power their 120V AC laptops. In order to power your home you need a larger inverter to handle all the peak wattage of your home. You’re also going to want an inverter that makes clean alternating current so that you wont ruin your AC electronic devices. A good inverter will also sense a low battery, thus keeping your system safe.


For people that have large solar systems the energy meter has become their favorite element. The meter will start to spin backwards when you are using more energy than you’re consuming or can store. This means money for you from the electric company. A system that controls all the devices is your home typically cost a lot more than a smaller system for sections of your room or a system just for backup power, but it has more potential to pay back your investment quicker.